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Ninebullets Radio: An Americana Music Podcast

Nov 24, 2019

Episode 06 of Ninebullets Radio. Here is the playlist [Artist – Song (Album)]:


01. Cowboy Diplomacy - Mountain Men (Single)
02. Sadler Vaden - Next To You (Anybody Out There?)
03. Nathan Seeckts - Thunder and Rain (Heart Of The City)
04. David Holweger - Judgement Day (Regrets and Retribution)
05. Emisunshine and...

Nov 11, 2019

Episode 05 of Ninebullets Radio. Here is the playlist:

01. Riley Baugus with DaShawn & Wendy Hickman, and Joebass - Last Pale Light in the West
02. Jimbo Pap - Long Kiss Goodbye (It Can Always Get Worse)
03. Matt Woods - My Southern Heart (Natural Disasters)
04. Ian Noe - Dead on the River (Between The Country)