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Ninebullets Radio: An Americana Music Podcast

Sep 22, 2019

We're back with episode 2 of Ninebullets Radio. I also think we're back in the sense that we hit our stride. Rust is gone but all them brand new songs are back and the Sad Bastards Song Club even makes its return. Trust me. If you're in public you might wanna wait until you're not before listening to that new Cody Jinks song.

Throughout the month we managed to get the podcast listed on all the spots; Spotify, Google Music, Apple Pocasts, and Stitcher so now your friends have no excuse not to listen other than they do want to so share this bitch with them. If you're into it please like, subscribe, and all that social media stuff.

Enjoy. See y'all in a few weeks.

TRACK LISTING: [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. The War and Treaty - Love Like There's No Tomorrow (Healing Tide)
02. Cody Jinks - William and Wanda (After The Fire)
03. Bonehart Flannigan - Bowling Ball (American Mayhem)
04. Charles Wesley Godwin - Seneca Creek (Seneca)
05. Vincent Neil Emerson - Letters on the Marquee (Fried Chicken & Evil Women)
06. Edward David Anderson - The Ballad of Lemuel Penn (Chasing Butterflys)
07. Lost Dog Street Band - Terrible And True (Weight Of A Trigger)
08. Morgan Wade & the Stepbrothers - Foolish (Puppets With My Heart)
09. The Yawpers - Reason to Believe (Human Question)
10. Sturgill Simpson - Sing Along (Sound & Fury)
11. Hawks With Good Intentions - Things Like This (Hawks With Good Intentions)
12. The Highwomen - Loose Change (The Highwomen)
13. Chris Knight -- Almost Daylight (Almost Daylight)
14. Paul Cauthen - Can't Be Alone (Room 41)
15. Robert Ellis - He Made Me Do It (Texas Piano Man)
16. Jason Hawk Harris - Giving In (Love And The Dark)
17. Zach Bryan - Doing Fine (DeAnn)
18. Tyler Childers and High Wall - Deadman's Curve (Red Barn Radio Sessions)
19. Mike and the Moonpies - Danger (Cheap Silver A Solid Country Gold)
20. Todd Farrell Jr. (feat Camille Faulkner) - Everything Must Go (Tribute To The Weakerthans)
21. Have Gun, Will Travel - Any Place But Here (Strange Fiction)
22. Whiskey Myers - Bury My Bones (Bury My Bones)
23. Elvis Presley - Night Life

Bold = Request


Episode 02: posted 09.21.2019